Each appointment will consist of an initial telephone assessment in order to discuss the current problem and to ensure an injection is an appropriate treatment for you.
If we decide to proceed with an injection, a face to face appointment will be arranged where a full physical assessment is performed in order to ensure that we have the right diagnosis. It would be useful during this appointment to bring any therapists, doctors or surgeons letters with you as well as any diagnostic investigtions that have been performed regarding the current condition.
Following the injection, you will be provided with a consultation letter which will detail the information from the history and physical examination, as well as details of the procedure received. This will be a useful document to share with your GP or with any health care provider who may be helping you with the condition.
You will also be given a contact number so that you can call in should you have any questions or concerns following the injection.

Injections can be provided both in clinic or at your own home. Payment either in cash or online.