Diagnosis: Severe ankle OA

Date: April 2024

Thank you so much for taking my pain away. That second injection has been amazing. I also purchased Pure Sport CBD Muscle and Joint Balm as you recommended and everything is working really well.

Hannah/ 82 years old/ Retired

Diagnosis: Complex medial meniscal tear (confirmed on MRI)     
Date: March 2024
My right knee has been bothering me for a long time, partly due to issues with my right ankle. Areej provided me with a steroid injection into the right knee which unfortunately worked for a few days only. However she spoke to me in detail about the importance of seeking a review with my podiatrist to improve my ankle alignment, as well as seeing a rehabilitation specialist to improve the strength and alignment of my legs. She also spoke about surgery but this is something I want to avoid. I’m very grateful to her for her advice.
Paul/ 65 years old/ Retired marketing specialist/ Tennis coach
Diagnosis: Subacromial impingement        
Date: November 2023
I was made to feel relaxed and was explained clearly what was being done.  The injection into my shoulder was not painful to have at all and completely cured my pain within 24 hours.
Denise/ 63 years old/ Receptionist
Diagnosis: Bilateral chondromalacia patella       
Date: January 2023
I went to see Areej as I was getting pain in my knees when kneeling down and climbing the stairs. She provided a PRP injection into each knee and within a few weeks my knees felt significantly better. Areej is very gentle, professional, calm and puts you at ease.
Julie/ 57 years old/ Yoga teacher

Diagnosis: Knee osteoarthritis + joint effusion

Date: August 2022

I would like to thank Areej for my treatment yesterday . I have been in constant pain since December and have been fobbed off by GPs sending to various physio appointments and being told to get rid of swelling with frozen peas. Once Areej carried out the draining of fluid and steroid injection the relief has been dramatic. Its early days but just felt I had  to convey my thanks.

Bob/56 years old / Builder

Shoulder ultrasound

Date: April 2024

Appointment was great from start to finish, very professional service and I felt like you really went to every length to understand the issue. I left with great confidence in your skills.

Nick / 31 years old / Motorsport mechanic