I came in yesterday at 2.10pm for a cortisone injection in my right knee.  Areej found lots of fluid in the joint and she kindly removed this before administering the injection.  This morning I woke up with very little pain in the knee.  I expect the injection to kick in within the next few days then it should be even better.  I would like to thank her for an excellent job well done.

I would like to thank Areej for my treatment yesterday . I have been in constant pain since December and have been fobbed off by GPs sending to various physio appointments and being told to get rid of swelling with frozen peas. Once Areej carried out the draining of fluid and steroid injection the relief has been dramatic. Its early days but just felt I had  to convey my thanks.

Areej made me feel at ease and the environment was nice and relaxed. The appointment went really well, no delays and done quickly.

Areej was brilliant at keeping me informed about what was needed/going on and keeping me relaxed. Areej was professional and put me at ease.

The whole experience went very well. Areej was very professional with a relaxed manner and calming environment with music in the background. A good distraction.

I was very happy with how the experience went. The process was well explained and done in a calm and helpful way. I was also able to ask any questions.

I felt the appointment went very well. Very professional and minimal discomfort. Also great background music!

My appointment went as described and nothing unexpected, which is essential for me. Areej‘s approach to the procedure was very calm and patient, which made me more relaxed. Her expertise in this area was very reassuring and made me even more confidence in the treatment chosen.

Areej was diligent and (clearly) highly experienced in her field. The appointment was thorough and after scanning areej decided on the dosage and where to inject. Overall I’m extremely happy with the treatment. The first few days were sore ( dead arm) but then within a week I had forgotten and was sleeping again ( having not slept for best part of a month). I was back in the Gym after 3 weeks and weight training with no issues.

My appointment went very well, Areej was very caring and thorough and I felt at ease. The administration of the injection wasn’t as painful as I imagined as Areej was very gentle and professional.