The Injection Therapy Clinic provides ultrasound guided injections to help produce fast relief from pain.

Ultrasound guided injections home visits 


The Injection Therapy Clinic provides ultrasound guided injections in your own home


Frozen shoulders, shoulder impingements, osteoarthritis of the joints, Morton’s neuroma. Cubital tunnel, Carpal tunnel, meniscal injuries, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, peroneal/ tibial tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis, aspiration of joint effusions/ cysts.
Hydrodilatation injections for frozen shoulders, barbotage injections for calcific tendonitis, high volume injections for achilles tendonitis.

With the portable Clarius L7 ultrasound scanner, the needle can be seen while inside the body. This helps to make sure the injection is as accurate as possible.

Steroid injections help stop the chronic inflammatory cycle which is often the cause of chronic soft tissue or joint pain. Interrupting this cycle is often enough to resolve the pain – with the most effective results achieved by also incorporating appropriate exercise and good nutrition.
If you are: feeling unwell, have a current or recent infection, are significantly immunocompromised (e.g. undergoing chemotherapy), already taking high dose steroids (over 15mg daily), under 18 years of age, have a high osteoporotic risk, have uncontrolled blood sugars, are within two weeks of having received a vaccine of any description.

Each appointment will consist of an initial telephone assessment in order to discuss the current problem and to ensure an injection is an appropriate treatment for you.

If we decide to proceed with an injection, a face to face appointment will be arranged where a full physical assessment is performed in order to ensure that we have the right diagnosis. It would be useful during this appointment to bring any therapists, doctors or surgeons letters with you as well as any diagnostic investigtions that have been performed regarding the current condition.